Bathhouse encounter | XFunShop | Story 6

Bath House

Bathhouse encounter | XFunShop | Story 6

I had earlier noticed a good-looking guy working out on a weight machine in the gym part of the club. He was on the older side for me (i.e. early 40’s like me!) ; – ) …but good looking in every respect.He was tall, had longish, stright brown hair, handsome face, nicely built upper body (pecs, triceps, biceps, neck and shoulders) and really pretty prick- even soft it was quite long and thick (he was working out with his towel draped on the side of the machine). When the guy finished his workout, I followed him around the club a bit, trying to indicate my interest. He was cruised real heavily by a buffed young Hispanic kid, and they retreated to the guy’s rented cubicle. Later, after muscledude and his suckbuddy had left the darkroom, I was lurking in there waiting when the goodlooking guy from the weightroom earlier entered. I moved to him immediately, stroking his nicely-developed chest with my right hand while my left hand felt his thick prick through the towel. Within seconds, a new guy entered the darkroom. (As I had done earlier, the newcomer apparently was following the goodlooking 40-something guy.)The newcomer was a bear- big, hairy, stocky (probably also worked out- there was quite a bit of muscle, but he was also quite overweight), Hispanic, bearded, probably about 5’10” or so. in addition to his towel, he was wearing heavey-duty workboots (odd combination I thought). He knelt in front of goodlooking, and immediately began slurping on his now-growing prick. I continued to play with the guys’ pecs, neck and face. In addition to using my hands, I tongues his neck, face and ear. He hugged me across the shoulder with his left arm, gently massaging me as I explored his body. With his right arm, he reached down and stroked the bear’s bearded face as the bear sucked him. It took him almost no time to get hard. His cock didn’t grow all that much in length, but the already-wide girth expanded beautifully. It was a nice, fat thick one, and the bear was really slurping greedily on it now.Goodlooking then pulled the bear up to his feet and knelt down himself in front of the bear, pulling the guy’s towel open enough to find his dick. I continued to stroke the goodlooking guy’s face and hair as he started blowing the bear. I couldn’t really see the bear’s prod from where I was standing, but it must have been a fairly nice one because goodlooking came off of it after about 30 seconds and whispered, “nice cock, man”. “Thanks” replied the bear. “I’ve got a room” said good-looking. “Let’s go” said the bear. And again, I was left alone. : – ( Now the thing I LOVE about the bathhouse is the opportunity for group play. But goodlooking was ONLY interested in 1:1 and only in the privacy of his cubicle! Later, I happened to be in the hallway outside of his cubicle and saw the bear leave to go to the bathroom.He left the door open, and within moments a goodlooking Black kid stuck his head in and I overheard their conversation. kid: Uhh….want some company? glkingguy: …welll, uh…yeah, that’d be nice, but I’m with someone right now… kid…oh…. gdlkingguy:…how about coming back in a half-hour or so. kid: okay! cool! Much later in the day (undoubtedly after he had already finished with the bear and had the young Blck kid as well), goodlooking came upon me in the pornolounge doing some group jack with a couple of other guys. He stopped, looked at me intently, smirked strangely and shook his head. I think he wanted me, but my trip was as strange to him as his (serial coupling 1:1 in the privacy of his cubicle without an audience of horny meatbeaters whacking appreciatively) was to me! Oh well. Vive le difference!

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