Horse oil Repair hand cream Anti-Aging Soft Hand Whitening

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Horse oil Repair hand cream Anti-Aging Soft Hand Whitening moisturizing Nourish Hand Care Lotion Cream 30g IMAGES
Horse oil Repair hand cream Anti-Aging Soft Hand Whitening

19,94  14,94 

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Antibacterial, Nourishing, Moisturizing, Anti-chapping, Anti-Aging





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  1. S***E

    I finally received the creme ……. i will tell you the result after use.

  2. S***a

    Tube small, 30g. Sealed in protective membrane.
    The cream itself with a barely perceptible smell. Well distributed over the skin and perfectly absorbed. The skin after it becomes like silk. At first honestly thought that the basis of it is some kind of gel, but when smeared on the hand, i was convinced that all the same cream!)
    Very cool nourishes, moisturizes the skin, whitens, protects against aging.
    Not greasy, the smell is pleasant.
    Shelf life in order, fresh.
    Allergy cream did not cause, only a positive result!

  3. L***a

    Koem for hands with rejuvenating effect, whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenating, nourishing, reduces hand dryness, makes the skin tender.

    Weight: 30g

    Ingredients: glycerin, horse fat, sodium hyaluronate, shea butter, avocado fruit juice

  4. I***k

    Delivery 3 weeks. The cream was without packaging, the weight is only 30 gr, very small. All product information on the tube in chinese. The main component of horse fat, due to its excellent softening properties and high content of fat-soluble vitamin e, it can be used to soften windy or frosty skin. The cream liked, well absorbed and softens the skin.

  5. A***a

    Cream in a small tube. Membrane sealed. Liquid with herbal honey smell pleasant. Absorb very quickly. My hands are dry. In general, everything is fine. Thank you.

  6. I***a

    Fast shipping! Thank you! All as in the photos and description of the seller. Nice smell. Quickly absorbed. The skin looks better, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed. I recommend.

  7. r***r

    The order was received within a month and a half to st. petersburg. The parcel was tracked all the way. The cream is excellent, the texture is light, absorbed well. Shop and seller recommend 5 *****

  8. f***f

    Pleasant smell, well moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands. The consumption is small. Flew for 2 weeks.

  9. O***a

    Ingredients: horse fat, glycerin, sodium gilouranate, shea butter smell, color, consistency: pleasant, slightly hymonic aroma. Отдаёт. On the skin remains, not obsessive. Cream is white, thick. it softens well, the hands after it are very smooth, pleasant. But this effect is not enough for a long time. Moisturizing for 24 hours is something of a kind of fiction)) my hand skin constantly contacts with water, and how else? The utensils wash necessary, dust wipe, after hand wash etc.

  10. O***A

    Delivery took 2 weeks, the parcel was tracked all the way. The products were packed in a bubble-tubular package. Tube with 30g plastic cream, sealed with foil. All information is provided in chinese. Cream of rich consistency, while not very greasy, translucent white, has a light pleasant aroma, easily distributed and quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky film. Perfectly nourishes and protects the skin of the hands from external aggressive influences. Suitable for dry and normal skin in winter. After application, the skin of the hands becomes soft and velvety to the touch. The consumption is very economical.

  11. Anonym

    Light texture, very pleasant smell, well moisturizes the skin, not greasy, compact, can be carried in a handbag

  12. N***t

    The cream is just cool!
    Perfectly absorbed, the skin feels velvety and tender. I really liked it!

  13. A***a

    Cream of white color, low-fat when in contact with the skin immediately begins to melt. well, as you understand it absorbs perfectly. after applying the cream, the skin becomes soft and moisturized, but to regret in my case, i already after a while want to smear the handles again with a cream. the cream uniquely moisturizes this accurately but the effect of a short, Perhaps the reason for this increased dryness of my skin, i do not even know. the result is: the cream should be selected for itself considering all the features of its skin and to my regret this cream simply did not fit my features. in principle, the declared function of moisturizing it performs so i can not sin the seller either. based on this, i advise you to look at the cremuck, and suddenly it will suit you.

  14. K***o

    Good cream, handles perfectly nourishes, it was necessary to order 2, the smell is pleasant.

  15. Anonym

    A good cream, perfectly nourishes the dry skin of the hands. The smell is quite strong. Weight 30 grams.

  16. S***a

    Moisturizing cream with horse fat came without individual packaging, the composition on the cream itself in chinese. The cream is designed to bleach, moisturize, nourish. In the composition of glycerin, horse oil, shea butter, sodium gilauronate. The cream is thick, well absorbed, does not leave greasy shine. Volume of a small 30g. Delivery month. Tracked

  17. I***a

    The cream softens the skin well. Even in winter, the skin does not dry.

  18. E***a

    The cream came in a tube, without a box. Tube for 30 grams. The lid is unscrewed, the neck was sealed. On the tube all the information in chinese, there is a composition, method of use, description, shelf life. The cream smells nice, easily distributed and absorbed well. Handles then soft and gentle, the feeling of dryness passes. Does not leave stickiness and greasy film. Cream feels good, i will use. Shipping 20 days.

  19. Anonym

    Delivery more than a month. Packed was cream in an air bag. Of course, information about the cream in chinese. Shelf life is up to 2020. Cream in the form of a tube, and a lid in the form of a bolt. Plastic cover. Under the lid is a silver membrane that protects the cream from leaks. Allergy cream did not cause. The hands after it are soft, velvety. The cream left a good impression of itself. Sorry the volume is small, it will quickly end.

  20. E***h

    Cream liked its composition. Hands as if enveloping, protecting from external aggressive effects. Can be suitable for softening windy or frosty skin.
    The cream itself is translucent white and quite thick (something similar to the gel). The smell is, unobtrusive and pleasant to me. The cream is easily distributed and quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky film.
    There is no separate packaging, shelf life in order

  21. A***a

    Cool hand cream. In winter i wear it in my purse, it moisturizes perfectly from frost.

  22. L***a

    Delivery november 23-december 20 to kursk, the track is tracked by russian post. Everything came in intact, the shelf life is normal. Allergies did not cause

  23. N***a

    The cream went almost 2 months to moscow. I thought i wouldn’t come. Tube small 30 gr. In the photo it seems big. I have not tried it yet.

  24. Anonym

    Delivery is fast, packing is good. Very satisfied! And also returned 4-5% from the purchase (7% is a deception), through the cashback system! Here is the link bit. ly/simple112 saving with each purchase. The link can scan with qr code. Delivery fast, packaging good. Quality is super, very satisfied! And even returned 4-5% of the purchase through a cashback, here’s the link bit. ly/simple112 savings with every purchase.

  25. Anonym

    I liked the cream, i order the second time. Shelf life is in order. Thank you!!!⛄

  26. y***y

    The cream good smell is pleasant, absorbed very quickly the skin becomes soft. Shipping is long. I recommend

  27. T***a

    Delivery of course lasted-almost two months. Packed normally. The volume of the hand cream is small, but i really liked the cream itself-it smells gentle and pleasant, the hands after it are velvety. Absorbed quickly enough. I recommend everyone to buy

  28. k***k

    I liked the cream but the volume is certainly sad (30gr), the option for the bag. Cream in appearance and consistency is similar to vaseline but quickly absorbs and greasy gloss does not leave. Moisturizes perfectly, after applying for a long time the effect of comfort is especially relevant in winter. Shipping a little more than a month, the track is not tracked, the packaging is good.

  29. Anonym

    I liked the cream. Absorbed quickly. Moisturizes well. Term of implementation up to 2021. Composition on the tube in chinese.

  30. B***a

    Excellent cream. The texture resembles honey. Very gentle and pleasant. Handles after it are simply transformed)

  31. A***A

    Despite the fact that the cream is small, its consumption is very meager. Quickly melts on the skin and instantly absorbed.
    Smells great. The fragrance is persistent. Nourishes hands well and for a long time.
    I recommend

  32. E***a

    Excellent hand cream, good quality. I recommend. Read more on my itao/aliexpress blog-frangiranse

  33. f***a

    Cream small 30g goal for a long time i will unsubscribe thank the seller

  34. A***y

    Repeated the order. I like it.

  35. o***a

    It was two months. Absorbed well

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